November 30, 2018

Changes at the top continued this week at manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 manbetx体育app安卓 with two promotions.
Dan Love, 55, was promoted Thursday to president of manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 manbetx体育app安卓, the parent company of manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 Stores manbetx体育app安卓 and manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 Outlet Stores. Love will be responsible for finance, logistics, central fulfillment and e-commerce business. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia/McIntire School of Commerce and lives in Bradenton.
Love had been president of manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 Stores manbetx体育app安卓 until Tuesday’s appointment of Matt Beall to that job.
Matt Beall, 40, of Sarasota is the great-grandson of company fomanbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 Robert M. Beall. Matt Beall was previously senior vice president-chief merchandising officer for the Bradenton-based retailer.


November 27, 2018

Bradenton-based retailer manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 Stores manbetx体育app安卓 has named a Beall as its new president.
Matt Beall, great-grandson of the man who started the company in 1915, Robert M. Beall, began his retail career at Ross Stores and joined the family business in 2004 in an entry-level job, the company said Tuesday. Over the past 14 years, he has worked his way up in the business, holding numerous leadership roles in departments in manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 Stores, manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 Outlet Stores, and manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 manbetx体育app安卓, including buying, planning, logistics, finance and store operations.
Most recently, Matt Beall, who is 40 and lives in Sarasota, was manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 Stores senior vice president-chief merchandising officer while also being responsible for the company’s marketing, exclusive brands and planning and allocation.
“Matt is the fourth in a succession of amazing executives from the Beall family that have led our company to thrive and prosper for more than 100 years,” said Steve Knopik, CEO of manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 manbetx体育app安卓, the parent company. “Matt is extremely bright, intensely competitive and an innovative and out-of-the-box thinker. He is deeply committed to the long-term success of the business.”

November 16, 2018

Company: manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓’ fiscal year is August through July, so this past fiscal year included the impacts of Hurricane Irma. “The month of September last year was certainly one to forget,” says Steve Knopik, CEO of manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 manbetx体育app安卓, a Bradenton-based retailer with more than 500 stores and $1.34 billion in revenue last year. “We believe that you’ve got to really learn to play through, as they say in golf. Play through your troubles.” Now the company is bouncing back, he says.
This year, for example, the company plans to open 13 more manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 Outlet stores. “The off-price segment of our ilk of retailing has been performing quite well for a number of years,” he says.
manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 also plans more remodels and updates of existing stores. “You have to continue to invest in your stores,” Knopik says.
This year, there also will be opportunities related to Home Centric, the company’s new chain selling home-related items. “We’re very excited about that,” Knopik says. “We have confidence it’s going to work well. It gives us yet another growth vehicle.”

October 18, 2018


At the remodeled manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 Stores location on Manatee Avenue West, shoppers can kick back and relax, grab a snack from a vending machine and even charge their phones.

The clothing, accessories and home merchandise retailer, headquartered in Bradenton, held a re-opening celebration Thursday morning for its flagship store at 6355 Manatee Ave. W. The store makeover includes tile floors, updated fitting room areas, a new, more open store layout, a community wall with Florida imagery and a decade-by-decade timeline of the company’s 103-year-old history behind the registers. Several dozen people lined up in advance of the opening just before 9 a.m.

September 24, 2018



Robert "Bob" Beall II - Chairman Emeritus

Steve Knopik - Chairman and CEO

manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 is proud to have two of our leaders make the distinguished Florida 500 Most Influential Business Leaders List. Congratulations and thank you for making this a Great Place to Be!

August 31, 2018

Even some of the biggest companies in the region need a nudge now and then to improve on an initiative that's been a corporate mainstay for decades: recycling.
Executives at three of those companies —manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 manbetx体育app安卓, Rooms to Go and Publix — chatted about recycling recently at a Florida Recycling Partnership workshop held at manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 corporate headquarters in Bradenton. Combined, the three companies did nearly $40 billion in sales in 2017 ($34 billion at Publix) and are among the 25 largest companies in the Business Observer's 2018 Top 500.
But big sales doesn't mean recycling is a cinch.

August 13, 2018

An 18-month test initiated by manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 manbetx体育app安卓 has ended successfully with the creation of a chain called Home Centric , the first of which opened this May in Cary, N.C. manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 operates over 530 stores across 16 states as well as online. Aware of strong and growing sales within its home furniture/decor departments and the fact that “there weren’t a lot of choices out there for off-price home products,” the company decided to expand the home department into a store within a store, says Karen Filips, director of communications and community affairs for manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 manbetx体育app安卓

“All the stores where we have expanded the home division have done very well,” she says. That led management to begin developing free-standing stores: Home Centric targets adults moving into new homes, changing the décor in their existing homes or just searching for something new and reasonably priced to brighten up their homes.

February 24, 2018


Were you someone who purchased Reel Legends apparel on Veterans Day last year? You might’ve helped a local organization earn more than $20,000.

manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 manbetx体育app安卓 President Dan Love announced the results of the third annual Veterans Day Give Back event at the Bradenton-based company’s quarterly town hall meeting.

The retail chain had agreed to donate $1 for every Reel Legends item sold in stores and online on Nov. 10 and 11 in 2017 to the Southeastern Guide Dogs’ veterans program.

April 16, 2015

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — One hundred years in Florida has been good for bothmanbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 and the state. Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Cabinet recently issued a resolution recognizing manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓’ centennial anniversary. Of the company’s 12,000 employees, some 10,000 are located in Florida. “We are excited to recognize the achievement of the Beall Family and their associates for a century of outstanding success,” Scott said. manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 is the parent company of manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 Department Stores, manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 Outlet Stores, andmanbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 Outlet Stores. The United States retail corporation of more than 500 stores was founded in 1915 in Bradenton.

March 25, 2015

Robert M. Beall II stood at the corner of Old Main Street at 3rd Avenue West in downtown Bradenton on Tuesday at the very same spot his grandfather, Robert M. Beall, stood when he opened his first retail store there 100 years ago. The plaque reads: “Robert Beall stands on Main Street next to a crate of dry goods. It’s his first day of business in April 1915. Sidewalks are thronged with shoppers and passengers for the steamer that prepares for its return to Tampa.”

April 7, 2015

manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 Outlet is all about the “treasure hunt.” Unlike what you’d find in its sister department stores, the dress or pair of shoes a shopper sees one day in an outlet store might not be there the next.
That’s the beauty of the hunt, says Dave Alves, president of the Bradenton company’s outlet store division.
“It’s that sense of urgency, that this is too good of a deal to pass up,” said Alves, whose spent the last two and a half years reinventing manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 manbetx体育app安卓’s already-healthy outlet arm. “It’s taking everything we know about retail and turning it on its head. Off-price stores like manbetx体育appmanbetx体育app安卓 Outlet are about giving the shopper a reason to come back every day.”



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